I was indeed a vegan for a little under a year. My animal anti-sobriety is in part impossible because of restaurants like Cockscomb and food heroes like Chef Chris Cosentino –  yes, food hero and lord ruler of tripe and foie gras. Thank God it’s legal again in California. Cockscomb is a carnivore’s culinary delight. Whether it’s bovine stomach parts that tickle your fancy or a pork shoulder burger, you’re in good hands – the very capable hands of renown San Francisco Chef, Chris Cosentino. A humble man who works his tail feathers off, but is never too shy to smile at an obnoxious millennial food blogger and her parents.


Let’s talk atmo. The night began at 5pm. 5pm on a Friday night in the industrial yet very hip SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. The occasion? Dinner and an ACDC concert at the ballpark with the rents – our occasion and 75% of the other fellow diners’. The kind folk at Cockscomb were hip to the crowd’s intentions and inspired our classic rock appetite with the album Back in Black on the restaurant stereo. Chef Chris Cosentino reveals charming dimples as he leans over the counter in a “Tripe” graphic tee, greeting patrons while also prepping a bright eyed and bushy tailed kitchen staff – future rockstar chefs in the making. We HAD to order a tripe dish and a few other things. Let’s talk food and drink:


Gin JamsTrolly CarIMG_1332IMG_13181. Chef’s Gin Jams: Bulldog Gin, House Jam, Lemon, Fever-Tree Tonic 

This drink is my jam! #punintended We were lucky enough to try this one with pluot house-made jam! My favorite fruit hybrid of all the times. The gin first hits your pallet with an herbal bouquet, then you get soft morsels of loving jam, finished with the gum quenching tonic. I would order this drink 100 times. I look forward to the next seasonal jam!

2. Trolley Car: Light rum, Gold Rum, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon

A nod to the Tonga room I hope? And possibly everything that’s right about the world. Apart from my go-to gin, tropical drinks are my everything. This drink does the hula in your mouth, but with that unexpected spectacular sweet cinnamon rim – baby I am yours.

3. Boothby: Pomegranate Infused Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Sparkling Wine

I am not usually a brown spirits fan (sorry Don Draper), so I tend to avoid these types of drinks. This sipper though, I like! It’s tart, very fruity but balanced with a dryness from the sparkling wine. Very sophisticated and refreshing.

4. Sweet November: Gin, Honey, Citrus

This drink must be doing laps down people’s alleys because it’s a crowd pleaser. The botanical gin is coupled by citrus magic and finishes with silky honey on the mouth. Reminds me of eating honey sticks at the farmer’s market, but better because gin was invited.

Note: Cockscomb is constantly reinventing their menu! Some of these staples may be available with different spirits or flavors – more reason to go back! 


littlegemspig2hotmess11. Little Gems: Green Goddess, Radish, Crispy Pig Ears

All croutons should be replaced with crispy pig ears – all of them. I am such a fan of green goddess and this house-made blend does not disappoint. A perfect salad.

2. “The Hot Mess:” Foie Gras and Strawberries

Imagine the world’s greatest (that’s better than #1) stuffing – imagine it. That is the hot mess. The slow cooked strawberries are sweet and tart and perfectly balanced by the salt and exquisite rich fat of the foie gras. I would say one of the best things I’ve ever ate.


prokshoulderburger3 IMG_1343tripe11. “Ham”Burger: Grilled Onions, Gruyere Cheese, Dijon & Chips (add sizzled egg)

There’s quotes around this “Ham” for a reason. This burger is pork shoulder and it’s kind of a big deal. It is also philosophical. Why are hamburgers called hamburgers. They’re beef, not pig! And do yourself a favor, when you order this non-burger-burger, please add the egg. Always add egg. I am kind of fumbling for words to describe this masterpiece. The pork is tender and lovely, the egg over easy – silky yolk but not too runny as to disrupt your hands from cradling the perfection that is this burger. And don’t forget the crispy spuds! Sidekick, I think not. I may or may not be making a reservation for tomorrow night to revisit this beauty. Sigh.

2. Grandma Rosalie’s Tripe – Tripe, Chili, Tomato, Mint

Smokey, spicy, savory, meaty. When the Chef wears a “TRIPE” graphic tee, you order tripe dammit! Is tripe sweeping the nation? Because it’s sweeping me off my feet. There is a very animalistic character tripe has, and not in an unapetizing feral way, but in the way a professionally prepared lining of a cow should taste – scrumptious. This was my mother’s entree and it reminded her of her Croatian grandma’s tripe supper. Mad props, Chef Cosentino. Mad props.

DESSERT: A.K.A. 2nd stomach – always make room for it.


1. Duck Fat Tart with Irish cheddar, Apple Cider Caramel

Yes, that’s right – duck fat. Flakey, savory, and autumnal with a festive apple cider caramel ribboned over a very happy tart and then inside a very happy tummy.

2. Pluot Upside Down Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream

I love pluots! This cake reminded me of cornbread – dense with fruit and neighbored by possibly the best whipped cream I have ever had.

Did we finish everything? Heck yes. Our bellies were full and ready to rock out to Dirty Deeds and marvel at Angus’ nimble body and wicked backspins on the stage! There is something very exciting about dinner and a show. It’s a pastime I cherish. Cockscomb was well aware the ACDC crew had other dinner options in SOMA, and they were very appreciative of our business. That’s something I look for in a restaurant – a joint that genuinely appreciates its patrons and might I say, loyal fans. If you’re a Bay dweller or catching a Giants game, I highly recommend Cockscomb – it’s only a 5 minute walk from AT&T Park.

Convinced? Any vegans rethinking life decisions? 😉 Book your next meal at Cockscomb. I look forward to your rave review in the comments below or what dishes you’d like to try! Enjoy.





Housemade spam, crafty tropical sips, and warm-hearted coconut butter mochi dessert, Liholiho Yacht Club is spreading the Mahalo spirit from the sometimes beloved Tendernob neighborhood in San Francisco on the daily.

If you’re a Bay dweller and have yet to eat at Liholiho, I am going to stop you right now – you need to make a reservation. They are hard to come by, but very rewarding.

Why Liholiho Yatcht Club? Why the obsession? The place is damn cool and the food is delicious. Chef Ravi Kapur has brought something new to the city, a tropical eatery that is not kitschy (sorry Tonga Room – I still love you), but wildly hip and fresh. The menu is eclectic and unpredictable. You won’t find pulled pork, macaroni, salad or any of that artery clogging typical Hawaiian grub on the Liho Liho menu, but rather a sophisticated spread of fresh fish, escargot paired with bone marrow, manila coconut curry clams, and octopus (etc.).


What did I eat? Let’s talk and look at some very pretty & small aperture dslr photos.


THE SKIPPER // Rhum Barbancourt 8yr, Skipper Rum, Lazzaroni Amaretto, pineapple, lemon

The Skipper is a Mai Tai on crack. Perfect balance of citrus and pineapple, and of course that beautiful rum floater. What makes this Mai Tai infinitely more special is that amaretto – adding a sweet almond flair!


THE SURFER ROSA // Hibiscus Vida Mezcal, Punt e Mes, Benedictine, lemon, soda

Pictured below right, has a peaty finish and exotic vibe! Definitely gets that punch of Hibiscus color and sweet but smoky flavor from the Mezcal.

TROPICALIA // Avua Cachaça, Giffard Raspberry, lime, tonic

Pictured below left, is a sophisticated strawberry starburst – and it’s delicious. If you have never tried Cachaça, it is truly divine – imagine Rum’s cooler Brazilian cousin…




A lot of people don’t know how to cook octopus – they make is rubbery. This roasted octopus was tender and al dente. Coupled with the curried raisins and the savory yellow potatoes, this dish is a personal favorite. I love a good tentacle!



Halibut sashimi sounded too special not to try! It’s a very refreshing summer salad with that perfect raw halibut.



My absolute favorite appetizer on the menu. Tripe? Who thought I would like tripe? Such flavor, such umami! I would like a bag of this crispy tripe for Netflix binge watching sessions. This dish is a show stopper. The tang from the marinated squid, the peanuts, and mint – and the stomach lining – are best friends on this plate. EAT IT.




Just look at it – LOOK at it! It’s a thing of beauty this crispy and flakey king salmon. Even Ariel would be impressed over this spread. Or is that cannibalism? Liho only reserves around 8 of these a night. Come early, leave happy.



Sucking the marrow out of life, one snail at a time. What a creative and succulent meal. The breaded escargot is buried in the bone cavity – melting with the marrow, melting and… drooling yet? This short rib plate is a must-try.




Pretty little sweet clams and bomb.com house-made garlic naan is truly a homerun for the senses. I would reorder this one for sure.



BAKED HAWAII // Caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon

Bon Appétit told me to try it and the inviting little beehive mounds being paraded around on pastry dishes throughout the restaurant halls are hard to resist. WOW. Just wow. No, not overrated. Yes, very special. The Baked Hawaii has varying textures, pineapple ice cream, and a vanilla chiffon that kicks marshmallow cream’s ass. Aloooo-haaa, Baked Hawaii! I like you.



This humble dessert holds its own against its internet-famous baked Hawaiian cousin. This magnificent and comforting dessert would make any Monday, Tax Day, [single] Valentine’s day infinitely better. It has a warm heart – it does! You like coconut and happiness? Order 5 of these.


It’s safe to say, I love Liholiho Yacht Club! Staff is friendly (if you have a 5pm reservation, they line up and welcome you in – I felt like Hillary Clinton), knowledgeable, and incredibly hard-working. I love the open kitchen design, it lets us patrons inside the mind and heart of a rockstar chef. Chef Ravi, snaps!



In case you’re an OG fan of my blog, previously named All Roses Are Pink, and you’re not my mother or my grandmother, God bless you and thank you for your support. In case you have never seen, heard, or smelled my blog, welcome to its new home! Because I am not a tech wizard and sometimes impatient, instead of moving over all of my previous blog’s content, I decided to do a collective post of my favorite outfit posts. Please enjoy things I wore in the past year 2015:


The greatest music of all time was recorded in the 70s – we are talking Zeppelin, Journey, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, I could go on… Needless to say the style is rad too. I am really digging the 70s jams going on in the fashion world right now. Ever since Nicole Richie rocked her boho style post “Simple Life,” I was hooked. These bell bottoms were an awesome find in Hawaii. I really started with these “bad boys” (fit for the Brady Bunch) as a base for this look. This look is also perfect for… you guessed it… FESTIVAL season! Even if you’re not throwing down a down payment on a Ford Focus to listen to jams in a dustbowl with the #Jenners, rock out to some chill tunes on your iPod and bust out some flares – you’ll feel Groovy.


I have been wanting a tulle skirt for eons! I couldn’t find one in stores, so I made one! That’s right, this girl can sew (with the help of Gammie of course). You have know idea how rewarding it is to create something with your own hands and wear it! I feel like Stella freaking McCartney. I like to rock girly pieces like a tulle skirt with leather, to toughen it up a little. Edgy-girlie ensembles are always cool and fun to wear. I had to add a pop of color and these Ted Baker hot pink pumps (w/ stunning rose gold heels) – which are my life! And of course I needed a bold lip. This mac color is so beautiful it makes me pee! Lastly, I am carrying my new muted lavender clutch from my wonderful friend, Donielle. It’s just enough sparkle with the necklace to finish off this very NYE appropro look, or really any party look. Happy New Year! Make a resolution to dress up this year! Even if you don’t have an occasion because you always feel better when you look good.


Braved the Lilly Pulitzer for Target circus and make it out alive? Heck yes. And made it out with these sweet trousers! I adore these tropical rainforest pants to Costa Rica and back. Who doesn’t love a wide-legged-trouser-Carol-Brady look topped with crisped whites and a Saint Laurent bag? An evil doer, that’s who. Love these pants as much as I do? I am sure you can find them on eBay for an arm, a leg and a spleen. Thank goodness they only retailed for $34.55 – not counting the 6am saturday wakeup call, $9 double shot flat white, and mom cat fight at the target entrance. Enjoy!


I have no sympathy for those who complain at Thanksgiving dinner for being too full when they are wearing jeans, dress pants, or even chinos – rookie mistake. We were given the elastic waistband for a reason. Today I looked pretty derrrnnn fancy, but I was still comfortable enough in my Express sequined mini skirt (with a very stretchy waistband) to consume 2 Thanksgiving dinners. Yes, that’s right – dos meals – deux. It’s hardly a 4X Gilmore Girls feast, however, it’s harder than it sounds. You don’t want to offend any grandmas by passing on their famous stuffing or the 24 pound turkey. Elastic is the way to go. This is also a great example of how you can get away with mixing textures and patterns. I think people shy away from purchasing pieces like sequin minis because they aren’t sure what to pair them with. Who says you have to wear a boring solid blouse? Why not pair it with a great pattern like I have here!? I love this look. The skirt is more versatile than you would think. Be brave! Happy Thanksgiving and gobble gobble!


Little know this fun fact about yours truly, but I was a tomboy growing up. I was a knee-skinning, boy clothes wearing, soccer playing chick. All my friend were boys – girls were so drama drama. I still standby this, although I like my blush colors and designer bags. I, obviously, am in love with the sports luxe. Anytime I can sport my Saint Laurent and adidas in the same look, I am a happy recovered tomboy.


Who says you can’t bring baseball to the office? I actually don’t think anyone has ever said that, but here’s my tribute to the WORLD CHAMPION SF GIANTS while still remaining chic, comfortable, and office apro-pro. This outfit is idiot proof. Ingredients: Billowy tee, midi-skirt, boyfriend blazer – 3 colors, 3 pieces, hashtag: cake.  Each piece is a cotton/spandex blend, making this look almost as comfy as your jammies. I think people think that sweats are the only “comfy” clothes around. This is a lie. This outfit is just as comfy as a hoodie + pair of yoga pants, and it’s redonkulously cool. #saynotosweats #gogiants


What’s a better excuse to wear sequins than the start of the holiday season!? I feel like a Golden Girl –  I am so happy to sparkle like this. I think it’s hard to not look moderately glamorous with a full midi skirt and a little sparkle. And how chic is this little red Chanel dupe!? 25 bucks y’all! I am also really enjoying this half-up topknot! Try it out for Christmas parties. Cheers!


Happy Monday, friends! California is always a tad hesitant to bring us fall, but I think it’s starting to get keen on the idea. Today’s high was a whopping 72! Pretty decent, California. I will take it! Speaking of ‘le fall’, I am all about watching autumnal movies to get into the spirit.  Whether it’s a scary movie, a cozy movie (You’ve Got Mail anyone!? Can I get a HEYYY), or a cheesy Halloween movie from your childhood, like, say… Hocus Pocus! This movie is all about the theatrics and hackneyed Salem history, but I think that’s why I like it so much. Plus! I love the Stevie Nicks/Sanderson sister look! My outfit today was not picked out without these factors in mind. I’m trying to channel SJP! The pretty witch! I hope your Halloween week is fun and full of hocus pocus!


I think men’s wear on women was cool, is cool, and always will be cool. I love a shirt dress because there is something effortlessly chic about it. You literally just throw it on! I like the bowler hat because it adds to the menswear theme and I feel like Charlie Chaplin, or Winston Churchill #winwin. These lacey biker shorts add some grunge along with the cherry Docs. This ensemble is ideal for a lazy weekend. Cheers!


It has always been my dream to be a 1950s prom queen for Halloween and this year it came true! 1950s prom queens are an elite group of ghosts that parade around Halloween in ’57 Chevys and eat gallons of candy and never gain a millimeter to their waistline. Poofy hair, poofy skirt… how can you go wrong? And yes, the answer to your question is: this is all my hair, it took 47.5 minutes, and I know beehives are more 1960s, but #yolo. Happy Halloween!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.31.46 PM

First time wearing this color blocked Tuxedo style blazer from the Peter Pilotto collection at Target. I did get quite a few compliments on it! Good stuff compliments are. These tuxedo striped pants were from Old Navy last spring and I quite like the stripe detailing with the style of the jacket – my take on “men’s wear.” I live in these booties by Sam Edelman! I wear them with goodness knows everything! Good news, these blouses are currently available at Old Navy and they are mighty comfy, inexpensive but quite classy. I snatched up 3. I need 10.


New name (formerly k.a. Allrosesarepink), new look, same great content. Miss 152 Insights – coming soon!url